Splat other players, save yourself and slam everyone!

  • 6 players
  • 5-20 minutes per game
  • Ages 6+
  • 77 cards
  • Printed instructions

Splatatat! is ruthless, unpredictable, fast paced family friendly card game that combines shedding, matching and knock-out style game play with a crude, shocking and provoking social satire.

Think UNO crossed with Survivor!

Win by being the last player remaining or the first with no cards.

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A ruthless and unpredictable family card game. Exact same game play as Kill Your Friends but without the graphic content. Win by being the last player remaining or the first with no cards. Kill Your Friends, save yourself and create chaos for everyone else!

  • 6 players
  • 5-20 minutes per game
  • Ages 6+
  • 77 cards each
  • Printed instructions

How to Play

Each player chooses a colour to play as and places their two face cards in front of them.

Face Cards

When a player's face card is Splatatat!, they turn one of their face cards over (to the frown side). When both face cards are turned over, the player is out of the game. The deck consists of splat cards, slammy cards and one ‘S’ card.

Splat Cards

Use splat cards to splat other players or save yourself from splats.

Slammy Cards

Slammy cards do fun things like make everyone pick up 2 cards, reverse game play or swap cards in hand with another player. Each time a slammy card is played, it is discarded to the middle and not returned to the deck.

'S' Card

The 'S' card is the most powerful card in the game. It can be played as an undefendable Splatatat! card, played as a save card or used to resurrect a face card that has been Splatatat!

Each time the 'S' card is played, it is shuffled back into the deck once it has been actioned.

There are 3 ways to win Splatatat!

1 — Be the last remaining player in the game

2 — Be the first player with no cards remaining in hand

3 — Be the first player to have only splat cards of their own colour remaining in hand

For all the rules in more detail, but simplified with neat little animations click HERE

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